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Q. I live in a home with a lot of trees, and have wasted my money on several different expensive gutter guards. How do I know that Leaf Solution will work?

A. Leaf Solution has been manufactured since 2002. Since that time, we have sold millions upon millions of feet. The simple fact is Leaf Solution is the most effective gutter cover on the planet. It will take large volumes of water, yet prevent anything as small as a piece of sand from entering. We also stand by our product with a simple guarantee. If your gutters are ever to clog when protected by Leaf Solution, we will refund your purchase price.

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Q. Is Leaf Solution a maintenance free product?

A. There is no such thing as a maintenance free gutter guard. If a representative from any gutter guard company in the world makes such a claim, RUN FAST. Your gutters are the defense against extensive water damage. Our job is to protect your home from having clogged gutters and to prevent you from having to clean the muck from the interior. Mostly, the product will self shed with the wind, but on some homes the debris might have to be easily removed from the surface. The bottom line is: Leaf Solution will stop your gutters from ever clogging again!

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Q. What sizes are available?

A. Leaf Solution is available for both 5" and 6" gutters.

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Q. How is Leaf Solution installed on the gutters?

A. For most applications, Leaf Solution will slide under the first row of shingles and attach to the front lip of the gutter using zip screws. By sliding under the shingle, the water cannot get behind the gutter and rot the fascia. Unprotected gutters almost always leave the fascia to rot.

On some applications, like a metal roof, we will put the product in a brake to bend it and install it directly to the fascia board above the back of the gutter.

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Q. Can I install Leaf Solution myself?

A. Leaf Solution should be installed by an licensed contractor. It is imperative that your gutters are 100% in working order before installing Leaf Solution.

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Q. Is there anything I should do after Leaf Solution is installed?

A. We ask that you grab a raincoat and an umbrella on the second good rain after installation. (We say 2nd because the product sometimes has oils and greasing agents from the manufacturing process. This will self clean during the first rain after installation) You are looking for any area on the house that may have water overshooting the gutters. If you have any areas where the water is coming over the gutter, make a note of the location. Your installing contractor will come back out and make the necessary adjustments.

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Q. A salesperson from another company said they have a lifetime guarantee also. Why do so many companies offer a lifetime warranty?

A. A salesperson's job is to sell you their product. Some of these salespeople will say whatever is necessary to sell you product. We always say to do your own research. Read the fine print of the warranties. Most of the lifetime warranties simply mean that when their products clog, they will come back out and clean them for free. This presents several problems for you.

The biggest problem is that you are now on that company's schedule to clean your gutters. When they clog, you have to call them to have someone come out and verify. Once verified, a crew has to come back out and clean the gutters. This could easily mean weeks and weeks of your gutters being clogged. Remember, if it has an opening large enough for pine needles to enter than it will clog.

Reverse Curve/Hooded systems cannot offer a money back no clog warranty because they do and will clog.

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Q. I have seen a couple other products that use stainless steel mesh. Is there a difference?

A. Leaf Solution is the pioneer in the industry. We were the first company to manufacture and install a stainless steel mesh gutter guard. There have been several copycats since than. The biggest difference is that our product has the 3 downward dips. This is the real key to success, as these 3 dips slow the water down and create a siphoning effect to take large volumes of water.

You do not want a gutter guard that sits flat on top of your gutter. If there is not a slope, the debris will have no chance of self shedding. As that debris begins to naturally break down, it can cause some very bad clogs.

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